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Top 10 Vietnamese street food to enjoy in Saigon

Vietnamese street food in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh

If you have the opportunity to travel to Ho Chi Minh, Saigon, besides finding beautiful places, you can also hunt for famous Vietnam street food here. Being able to wander the Saigon bar is also an extremely interesting thing.

When talking about Vietnamese street food, US CNNgo wrote: “America has given birth to mobile restaurants but Vietnam is just a street food paradise. Nowhere else is there a diverse culinary culture like this one.

Indeed, with just a few sets of plastic tables and chairs or on mobile carts, tourists only need to spend a few dollars to have an attractive meal. The dishes of Vietnamese street food are gentle, fresh, full of herbs that will awaken the taste of the laziest people to eat.

And here are some famous Vietnamese street foods that are popular in Saigon with tourists around the world.


The most popular dish in Vietnamese street food is Pho. Pho is a traditional dish of the North. Just walking along the roads in big cities, you can see noodle shops everywhere.
Pho consists of quite simple ingredients including noodles, chicken or beef, broth with sprinkles, and herbs. Just with 30.000 VNĐ (1.2$), you have in hand a delicious bowl of delicious noodles.


Someone once said: “The French may have brought bread to Vietnam, but the Vietnamese have taken it to a new level.” Indeed it is.

If other countries in the world usually eat bread or not, in Vietnam, the bread contains many other attractive ingredients: bats, eggs, meat, herbs, cold meat, rolls, sausages, soy sauce Chili, ….

The combination of the ingredients inside the bread has made the bread a delicious and delicious dish, anyone who has ever tasted it with it will have a very delicious and catchy mouth.

This is one of the best Vietnamese street food not only in Saigon but also across all the world

Green tea milk tea

Green milk tea is a combination of milk, tea powder and natural herbal flavors, which is a favorite refreshment for students.

The price is also very soft, only 10,000 VND for a large glass. (43 cent)

Roasted gourds

Roasted gourd is a special variant from sausages. Like sausages, greens are made from pork, finely ground beef, stuffed well then fermented, smoked for long-term preservation but not into long pieces but broken into small pieces to look like gourd candy. Perhaps the unique shape of the gourd makes it a favorite snack.

Fried corn

Someone said selling fried corn in Saigon can collect millions of dong per day, it is enough to know the appeal of this street food. The ingredients for making corn are quite simple: corn kernels, dried cloves, scallions, butter and some spices but the dish has a strange appeal.

This dish is sold for 10,000 – 15,000 VND / box (43 -65 cent).

The Vietnamese street food here is really interesting, isn’t it? If you have the opportunity, please enjoy it.

Xoi (sticky)

Xoi is a familiar dish of Vietnamese people. Sticky rice is not only cooked as breakfast but also served on anniversaries, ceremonies, etc. The sticky rice is made from cooked sticky rice then depending on the taste of the person, people will add eggs, pork, chicken, dry onion, …

Bun cha

Surely we have not forgotten recently that former US President Barack Obama and chef Anthony Bourdain have enjoyed Bun Cha, a familiar street food of Vietnamese people, in the delight and satisfaction.

If pho is always considered as a breakfast, Bun Cha is one of the best choice of lunches. Although this food come from Hanoi but now It’s very popular in Saigon as well.

Bun includes grilled meatballs in sweet and sour broth. The way to eat bun cha is to take noodles and vegetables dipped in broth to eat with meat. Bun cha combined to create an attractive taste that cannot be denied.


Pancakes are also a typical dish of street food not inferior to the items mentioned above.

Crispy yellow inside the filling includes meat, shrimp, bean sprouts. Pancakes are cut into small pieces, served with rice paper rolls and raw vegetables and special dipping sauce.

Although coming from China, Cao Lau is an indispensable dish for cuisine in this old town.

Rice paper mix

Mix rice paper is a popular snack on the streets of Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. Mix rice paper consists of rice paper mixed with mango, dried beef with laksa leaves, satay to make rice paper soft and soak the spices. When tasted, the spicy and chewy rice paper is mixed with the sourness of the mango, the strong taste of dried beef makes it hard to resist.

Vietnam is a true street food paradise with a variety of dishes and flavors passed on from generation to generation. The food here is delicious but rich in national identity and affordable for everyone. Therefore, if anyone set foot in Vietnam but never once enjoyed the street food here, it is a pity

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