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The Ultimate Dalat Travel Guide

Dalat Travel Guide – Introduction to Da Lat, Vietnam

Da Lat, Vietnam, is much like an oasis from the humid cities of Vietnam. Nha Trang happens to be the best bet if you want to explore coastal leisure spots. If you want a city tour, then Ho Chi Minh City should be your choice. However, if you’re going to take a break from the scourging heat of the popular cities and head to the mountains, then Da Lat is a perfect choice.


Da Lat boasts its chilly temperature all year round. Settled high up in the mountains, no wonder why staying there feels like living during springtime. This place is the perfect getaway if you’re tired of the usual city tours and vibe.

More so, the place is pretty straightforward with what it can offer, so do we. Here’s an ultimate Dalat travel guide for you if you want to visit Da Lat, Vietnam.

How to Get There?

  • By bus: For you to get there, you can ride a hop-on-hop-off bus from Ho Chi Minh City. It’s the safest way to get there. The fares ranging from 110k-130k / ticket/trip
  • Motorbike: If you’re either in Nha Trang or Mui Ne, you can try their famous Easy Rider tour using a motorbike.
  • Airplane: you can take a flight from Ho Chi Minh to Dalat. It’s the quickest way but expensive. From there, you can take a short 35-minute trip into the city via taxi or shuttle bus.

For me, if you get there by bus, you can choose the Futa Bus (Phuong Trang Bus). This is one of the best bus lines in Dalat. Of course, it depends on your need for comfort on which kind of transport you want to ride in. It will also depend on which city you’re in first if you’re going to Da Lat. 

What Are the Best Things to do?

There are tons of things you can do in Da Lat, given its remote location. You can visit the Valley of Love, Flower Park, The Crazy House, Happy Buddha, and Linh Phuoc Pagoda…

  • Datanla Falls: f you’re a fan of waterfalls, you can also enjoy the scenery in Datanla Falls. From Datanla Falls, you can also visit Elephant Falls for more adventure because of its steep terrain that will most likely make you wet. Prenn Waterfalls is also nearby so you can have a stopover there. 
  • Visit Dalat Night Market: a fantastic place for you to enjoy street foods. At night, this place is crowded with thousands of people coming.
dalat night market
  • Truc Lam Zen Monastery: you can admire the majestic nature and unique spiritual architecture here. Inside the monastery include 4 areas: monk retreat, abbot of the abbot, the abbey zone, and the abbey…
  • Walk-in Ho Xuan Huong Lake: Last but not least is riding a swan at Ho Xuan Huong Lake. It’s a majestic spot for you to sit and chill out. Tourists find the lake attractive, especially given the idea that this lake is situated high up in the mountains.

Here are the top 15 places to visit in Dalat that I mentioned before. I also included the direction on Google map.

dalat travel guide

Indeed, Da Lat is a fantastic place to explore. It’s a city highland perfect for a leisurely trip where all you want to do is loosen up and explore whimsical spots. If you’re excited now, so book that flight to Vietnam and use our Dalat travel guide as you explore the wonders of this place.

Dalat Travel Guide – Where to eat?

Artist Alley Restaurant

The first eatery we recommend you should try is the Artist Alley. This restaurant offers a fusion of French and Vietnamese cuisine at such affordable prices. You can enjoy their dishes with a guitar gently played in the background. Living up to its name, Artist Alley has a myriad of paintings and sculptures. Undoubtedly, the artist in you will gush about this dining place. 

Huong Viet Noodle Restaurant

This restaurant not only serves intimate family meals and tourists. But this restaurant also serves couples or solo travelers from 1 to 2 more people.

  • Location: Huong Viet Dalat Noodle Restaurant is located near Dalat Flower Gardens. When you come here, you do not need to worry about no parking. This restaurant has its own parking lot. This yard can park vehicles from 4 to 50 seats.

Trong Dong Restaurant

Another dining place we recommend if you’re in Da Lat is Trong Dong. There’s nothing fancy about this eatery. When you get inside, a low-key vibe greets you. The tables are simple, with plaid table cloths and generic paintings hanging on the walls. Overall, the place looks rustic, but what makes it most-visited is the food. 

trong dong restaurant

They have an excellent affordable menu from stir-fried beef with vegetables, spring rolls, and venison topped with herbs and peanuts. It’s also just a walking distance from the market, so it’s a great spot for quick lunches after a hectic exploration of the city.

LeGuda vegetable buffet restaurant

My favourite place to eat in Dalat. Not only Dalat is home to many beautiful landscapes. But this place is also considered a culinary paradise with the majority of vegetables and fruits. When coming to LeGuda restaurant, visitors will be able to eat after delight. Eat as much as you like, as the restaurant says.

leguda restaurant

This restaurant is located on the top of Robin Hill. The visitors come to the wire to assess that this place is one of the restaurants with the most romantic scenery in this dreamy Da Lat mountain town. Coming here, you not only enjoy delicious food. But you can also see the poetic scenery of the whole city.

Vegetable buffet ticket at the restaurant is very cheap: 49,000 VND / person (2$)

Huong Rung Restaurant

This restaurant is located about 3km from the center of Dalat city. Coming here, you will not only enjoy the most delicious and delicious dishes in Dalat. But you also experience an extremely beautiful and luxurious space.

Dalat travel guide – where to stay?

If you’ve decided to ride a bus going to Da Lat, we highly recommend you to choose on Agoda or Booking. They have many types of room accommodations. If you’re a backpacker who enjoys sharing a room with other backpackers, you can try their mixed dormitory for such an affordable price. However, if that’s not something you prefer, then you can go for their superior room. They also have family rooms if you’re traveling as a family or as a group. 

budget hotels

Looking for budget accommodation? You can also try other RedDoorz hotels in Da Lat. They have several options like the RedDoorz hotel near Lam Vien Square and the RedDoorz hotel at Nguyen Van Troi Da Lat. 

How to get around in Dalat

Taxi or Grab Dalat

There are many taxi local companies serving tourists visiting the city. Some reputable taxi companies in Da Lat: Red taxi, Gold taxi, Taxi Lado, Dalat taxi…

In addition to traditional taxis, Dalat has GRAB now. But GRAB in Da Lat is small and the service is still very weak. It may take too long to wait drivers come to your place.

Rent a motorbike in Da Lat

Just need a motorbike (rent directly at the hotel or motorbike rental units) and a smartphone with 3G and GPS, you can explore Dalat by yourself.
I personally like to rent a motorbike because I can actively explore Dalat in my own way and can feel the beauty of Dalat more clearly.

You can see the address to rent a motorbike here, from 80-130k and free delivery at any point in Dalat.

Rent a car to travel

Oto is definitely the vehicle of your choice. If calculating the quality of travel cars will be much better than taxis and secondly its mobility will be higher and save time and money.

But with the purpose of going out all day, if you only go 1 session or take 2 destinations, the taxi price is still cheaper.

Dalat travel guide – tips to save money

Take a bus to Dalat

To save costs, you can go by the Open bus of Phuong Trang, Sinh Tourist, Hanh cafe … with fares ranging from 110k-130k / ticket/trip. If you travel by personal vehicle, the car saves money and is more active in sightseeing. However, take note of full papers and go at the prescribed speed.

Rent a motobike

About the cost of renting a motorbike in Da Lat is about 120k / car/day. In addition, you can go by public bus with the fare calculated according to the distance you go, from 4,000 to 30,000 VND. or bike. If you go with a large group of people you can rent a car to drive themselves for 1,000,000 VND / day. Overtime will be charged 100,000 / hour.

Please contact directly to hotel’s owner to get best price for rental service.

rent motobike in dalat

Book a budget hotels

When traveling to Dalat, you have many options when renting a motel, hotel or luxury resort. Depending on the needs as well as the cost that you choose for yourself the most reasonable accommodation.

If you want to save money, you can choose a dorm room that costs about 120k / person/night. If you want to rent a hostel around 250k-300k / room/night or rent a hotel from affordable to high-class …

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