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Living cost for backpackers in Ho Chi Minh

Renting cost in Ho Chi Minh

As noted, the average price of a room in an area near the center of the city such as District 4, Phu Nhuan, District 3, Binh Thanh, Tan Binh size 15m², with windows, air conditioning, toilets in the room … will VND 3 million or more. (130$)

The rooms of the better type, with balconies, an area of ​​over 20m², with furniture will cost from 5.000.000 VND (217$). As the same room type, but in some districts like District 12, Tan Phu, Binh Tan, and Thu Duc District, the price will be lower.

In addition, there are houses designed in the form of a mini apartment (studios). The renting cost will be around 4.000.000 – 5.000.000 VND (174 – 217 $). This is included monthly packing cost, used shared area kitchen area, clothes drying yard, terrace …

Food cost in Ho Chi Minh

In Ho Chi Minh City, a two-person meal at a mid-range restaurant costs US $ 17, or nearly VND 400,000. In Southeast Asia, the report only has similar item data in Bangkok. The cost of a two-person meal at a mid-range restaurant in the Thai capital is $ 26, or more than VND 600,000. Compared to other places with data recorded in a survey of 35 cities in the world, the average cost of eating in Ho Chi Minh City is also the cheapest.

Average living cost in Ho Chi Minh city

Below are the basic living costs for a single foreigner in 1 month (excluding entertainment and tourism expenses)

-Rent: $ 300 ~ $ 1000 / month (depending on location, area and utilities)

-Gas, electricity & water: $ 30 ~ $ 50 / month (depending on usage)

-Mobile phones (3G, 4G): $ 10 ~ $ 20 / month (depending on usage)

-Internet: $ 8 ~ 15 / month (depending on package)

-Food: $ 100 ~ 200 / month (excluding entertainment and dining expenses at luxurious restaurants)

-Foreign dishes (restaurants): From $ 10 / item

-Vietnamese food (restaurant): From $ 3 / item

-Street food: From $ 1 / item

Travel expenses: Bus – $ 0.3 / ticket – Taxi – $ 0.5 / km, traditional motorbike taxi, Grab, Uber – $ 0.3 / km

-Gasoline: $ 1.14 ~ $ 1.26 / liter

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