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Hoi An travel – festivals & events

Hoi An – the land of festivals, where interesting and dynamic activities take place and always. Hoian attracts thousands of visitors and local people to participate.

Many visitor come to Hoian to enjoy the biggest festival here. Festivals take place in Hoi An according to the lunar calendar with visitors welcome to join in the revelries. There are some celebrations that only take place in Hoi An and others that are countrywide. 

hoian vietnam

Hoian Lanterns Festival

Hoi An lanterns festival is a colorful monthly festival unique to the town. This event is held on the 14th evening of every lunar month and during this festival. The city lights are turned off between 5 pm and 10h30 and the streets are lit up by an array of colorful lanterns.

Motor vehicles are not allowed in the city this evening. It allows pedestrians to walk the streets care-free, enjoying the relaxing mood, cultural music, an atmosphere similar to ancient times. This night there are many activities and performances throughout the city.

hoian lanterns festival

Lunar New Year 

Lunar New Year is very important to Vietnamese. This is the biggest holiday so on these days people often travel to Hoi an can participate in many activities and organize traditional cultural festivals.

Visitors can see performances of many traditional dances like the four noble-animal dance and the unicorn dance. Afterward, many people go to pagodas and shrines to pray for profit and wealth.

hoian vietnam

Mid-Autumn Festival

This is the best time to travel to Hoi An Viet Nam. From 14th and 15th of the eight-month of the lunar year, Hoi An organizes traditional cultural activities such as a Mid-Autumn Party to enjoy the moon-light and watch the unicorn dance, the procession of lanterns, and music and song competitions.

This festival is popular with children. Drumming, moon cakes, and dragon dances are all involved in this festival.

Fishing Village Association

When coming to Hoi An, don’t forget to visit the Thanh Nam fishing village located on Cua Dai Beach! This is a beautiful fishing village and also the place to open the contest of Hoi An fishing village.

In the opening days, a series of activities will be held such as: knitting competitions, fishing on sand, volleyball, tug, boat racing, kite art competition, … The contest attracts not only local people. but also the visitors participating in the competition.

Tet Nguyen Tieu

This is one of the important holidays in Hoi An community, especially for Chinese people. Originally is the first, Text is the night. The target is the first full moon night of the year (the full moon day of the first lunar month). According to the old legend of the Chinese people, the Nguyen Tieu Tet holiday, also known as Thuong Nguyen Tet, in the old days, on the first full moon night of this year, the king invited the Trang Nguyen to go to the capital to attend a party, enjoy the moon, display talent. endowed in Thuong Uyen garden.

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